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Welcome to Briary Business and our new magazine for small and medium sized businesses operating in the Derwentside area.

Running your own business can be lonely. Your struggles are your own and they matter to you like they matter to nobody else, even your nearest and dearest.

A forum to share experiences and swap ideas

One of our main aims is to make it a bit less lonely, to let you know there are others who are wrestling with the same challenges as you and who are having the same experiences. We can help put you in touch with other business people, allowing you to swap ideas, share problems and to read some inspirational stories from others who have built their own businesses.

Derwentside is a great place to do business. We’re delighted to be working in association with Durham Business Network which has grown in just two years from being just 17-strong to now having more than 100 members. The group, which holds events every month, hosted by venues across the area covered by the old Derwentside District Council, is not resting on its laurels but has big plans for the future.

That underlines the real sense of momentum that there is in the Derwentside area. We aim to be part of that, to celebrate it and to encourage it.

Helpfulful articles and interviews

To that end, you will find invaluable articles on communication, the law and accountancy. There’s some brilliant advice on photography, the use of digital media, apprenticeships and funding. You can also read an interview with Gary Scott, Chair of Derwentside Business Network.

We hope you enjoy our website and Magazine. If you don’t, or if you can think of ways we can improve them, then let us know. We want you to regard this as a forum for you, a sounding board and as a sympathetic friend.

So, don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch. Let us know about the matters that affect you, stories you want us to cover, issues you want us to raise and questions you want us to answer.

We plan to make your business our business.

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