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Getting to Grips with Social Media Content

As a social media trainer, many of the businesses I work with tell me that one of the biggest problems they face using different platforms successfully, is finding inspiration to create enough content to share.

(and worrying that it is the right kind of content to represent their businesses).

Our aim should be to create content that resonates with and is relevant to the audience. And remember, social media is not sales media, therefore the relevant content should not be a constant sales pitch.

Whatever your industry, focusing on producing content that is helpful, useful or even just entertaining for your readers will encourage them to connect with your brand and your business.

These content ideas will help you keep your audience engaged.

1. Posting a useful list

A list could be; the Top 5 Business Bloggers in the North East, Top 3 Business Networking Groups, 10 Best Free Royalty Free Photo Sites, are all are useful and informative topics.

These are not quick posts but rather more informative and would take some time to prepare and would work well published on a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn profile.

Remember, you can then extract key facts from the list post to share on other social media channels.

2. Photos

With the increasing sophistication of mobile phones and tablets, you have a camera and video studio in your own pocket!

Photos of behind the scenes, photos of new products, of people in the business, of interesting things from your location, of things that inspire creative ideas, of people you have visited, or just something that would make your audience smile, photos are quick and easy content to produce and can be manipulated and sent straight to your social media channels from your phone.

3. Video

We don’t have to be editing professionals to create our own videos and generally our audiences are more engaged more by video than other types of content.

Practise shooting short and simple videos and when you gain confidence, share them on your preferred social media channels. Video content works well across all channels, just be mindful of the best length. YouTube is ideal for longer videos, Twitter is ideal for really short snippets and don’t forget the Live Video options on Facebook too!

4. Your recent and ‘evergreen’ blog posts

Writing blog posts take time. You may decide to have a monthly theme, the latest happenings in your industry, something that you feel passionate about, a guest post provided by a trusted collaborator, a review of a product, the topic list is only limited by your imagination.

If you blog, make sure you share the links to these posts across all your social media channels.

Evergreen content is that which has a long life-span and can be shared more than once.

Twitter is a great platform for evergreen blog posts as you can keep sharing away.

5. Freebies!

Freebies are great and if done correctly, can attract people to your business and provide you email data in return.

A freebie may be an information pack, a guide or how-to document, a form, a link to a training snippet or full video, a discount voucher, advice, a chance to book a consultation.

A freebie is a marketing tool to entice people to you and your brand. And once you collect all the email data, you can then send those people a newsletter provided you have their explicit permission to do so.

Contact Nicola for information of fully funded social media training for your business at on twitter @digitalsparkles or on facebook @digitalsparklestraining.

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